Transient homologous chromosome pairing marks the onset of X inactivation.

  title={Transient homologous chromosome pairing marks the onset of X inactivation.},
  author={Na Xu and Chia-Lun Tsai and Jeannie T Lee},
  volume={311 5764},
Mammalian X inactivation turns off one female X chromosome to enact dosage compensation between XX and XY individuals. X inactivation is known to be regulated in cis by Xite, Tsix, and Xist, but in principle the two Xs must also be regulated in trans to ensure mutually exclusive silencing. Here, we demonstrate that interchromosomal pairing mediates this communication. Pairing occurs transiently at the onset of X inactivation and is specific to the X-inactivation center. Deleting Xite and Tsix… CONTINUE READING
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