Transient high-resolution regional climate simulation for Greece over the period 1960-2100: evaluation and future projections

  title={Transient high-resolution regional climate simulation for Greece over the period 1960-2100: evaluation and future projections},
  author={Prodromos Zanis and Eleni Katragkou and C. Ntogras and G. Marougianni and Athanasios Tsikerdekis and Haralambos Feidas and E. Anadranistakis and Dimitrios Melas},
  journal={Climate Research},
A transient regional climate model simulation with a spatial grid resolution of 10 km (RCM10), nested to a regional simulation with 25 km resolution (RCM25), was carried out over Greece with RegCM3 for the period 1960−2100 under the IPCC A1B scenario. RCM10 precipitation and temperature fields depict the finer regional characteristics over the complex Greek terrain compared to RCM25, but a station-based evaluation for the period 1975−2000 does not reveal a considerable improvement in RCM10… 

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