Transient dynamics of spin-polarized injection in helical Luttinger liquids

  title={Transient dynamics of spin-polarized injection in helical Luttinger liquids},
  author={A. Calzona and Matteo Carrega and Giacomo Dolcetto and Maura Sassetti},
  journal={Physica E-low-dimensional Systems \& Nanostructures},
Abstract We analyze the time evolution of spin-polarized electron wave packets injected into the edge states of a two-dimensional topological insulator. In the presence of electron interactions, the system is described as a helical Luttinger liquid and injected electrons fractionalize. However, because of the presence of metallic detectors, no evidences of fractionalization are encoded in dc measurements, and in this regime the system does not show deviations from its non-interacting behavior… 

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