Transient and steady-state responses to mechanical stimulation of different fingers reveal interactions based on lateral inhibition

  title={Transient and steady-state responses to mechanical stimulation of different fingers reveal interactions based on lateral inhibition},
  author={M. Severens and J. Farquhar and P. Desain and J. Duysens and C. Gielen},
  journal={Clinical Neurophysiology},
OBJECTIVE Simultaneous tactile finger stimulation evokes transient ERP responses that are smaller than the linear summation of ERP responses to individual stimulation. Occlusion and lateral inhibition are two possible mechanisms responsible for this effect. The present study disentangles these two effects using steady-state somatosensory evoked potentials (SSSEP). Simultaneous stimulation on adjacent and distant finger pairs with the same and different stimulation frequencies are compared… Expand
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