Transient adenosine efflux in the rat caudate-putamen.

  title={Transient adenosine efflux in the rat caudate-putamen.},
  author={Sylvia Cechova and B. Jill Venton},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={105 4},
Adenosine is an endogenous byproduct of metabolism that regulates cerebral blood flow and modulates neurotransmission. Four receptors, with affinities ranging from nanomolar to micromolar, mediate the effects of adenosine. Real-time measurements are needed to understand the extracellular adenosine concentrations available to activate these receptors. In this study, we measured the subsecond time course of adenosine efflux in the caudate-putamen of anesthetized rats after a 1 s, high-frequency… CONTINUE READING