Transient Response Model for Epitaxial Transistors

  title={Transient Response Model for Epitaxial Transistors},
  author={D. Long and J. Florian and R. H. Casey},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science},
  • D. Long, J. Florian, R. H. Casey
  • Published 1983
  • Physics
  • IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
  • This paper provides an analytical model for predicting the transient response of epitaxial transistors and diodes to a pulse of ionizing radiation. The key features of the response are presented and compared with experimental data. Experimental data on photocurrent matching are also presented. This data shows that the standard deviation for the difference in photocurrent between two devices of the same type is typically 14.8%, while it is 7.2% if the parts are drawn from the same date code lot. 
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