Transient Random Walks on 2D-Oriented Lattices

  title={Transient Random Walks on 2D-Oriented Lattices},
  author={Nadine Guillotin-Plantard and Arnaud Le Ny},
  journal={Theory of Probability and Its Applications},
We study the asymptotic behavior of the simple random walk on oriented versions ofZ 2 . The considered lattices are not directed on the vertical axis but unidirectional on the horizontal one, with random orientations whose distributions are generated by a dynamical system. We flnd a su‐cient condition on the smoothness of the generation for the transience of the simple random walk on almost every such oriented lattices, and as an illustration we provide a wide class of examples of inhomogeneous… Expand
Type Transition of Simple Random Walks on Randomly Directed Regular Lattices
The type of the simple random walk is studied, i.e. its being recurrent or transient, and it is shown that there exists a critical value of the decay power, above which the walk is almost surely recurrent and below which it is nearly surely transient. Expand
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1. G(z, y) ∼ s(λ)|y2|−1 if y1y 2 converges to λ ∈ R ; 2. G(z, y) ∼ c|y1 − z|− 1 2 if y1y −2 2 goes to ±∞. The fact that we give estimates of the Green function only for z ∈ Z× {0} comes fromExpand
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We study Markov chains on a lattice in a codimension-one stratified independent random environment, exploiting results established in [2]. First of all the random walk is transient in dimension atExpand
Limit theorems for additive functionals of random walks in random scenery
  • F. Pene
  • Mathematics
  • Electronic Journal of Probability
  • 2021
We study the asymptotic behaviour of additive functionals of random walks in random scenery. We establish bounds for the moments of the local time of the Kesten and Spitzer process. These boundsExpand
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In this paper, we extend a result of Campanino and Petritis (Markov Process. Relat. Fields 9 (2003) 391-412). We study a random walk in Z 2 with random orientations. We suppose that the orientationExpand
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Sinai-Ruelle-Bowen Measures for Lattice Dynamical Systems
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A limit theorem related to a new class of self similar processes
SummaryWe study partial sums of a stationary sequence of dependent random variables of the form $$W_n = \sum\limits_1^n {\xi \left( {S_k } \right)}$$ . Here Sk=X1 + ... +Xk where the Xiare i.i.d.Expand
Decay of correlations for piecewise smooth maps with indifferent fixed points
  • Huyi Hu
  • Mathematics
  • Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
  • 2004
We consider a piecewise smooth expanding map f on the unit interval that has the form $f(x)=x+x^{1+\gamma}+o(x^{1+\gamma})$ near 0, where $0<\gamma < 1$. We prove by showing both lower and upperExpand
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