Transient Frequency Responses for Pressurized Water Pipelines Containing Blockages with Linearly Varying Diameters

  title={Transient Frequency Responses for Pressurized Water Pipelines Containing Blockages with Linearly Varying Diameters},
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AbstractExtended partial blockages in urban water supply systems (UWSS) are formed from complicated physical, chemical, and biological processes; thus, these blockages are commonly in random and no... 

Energy Analysis of Transient Frequency Shift Pattern Induced by Non-Uniform Blockages in Water Pipelines:

Blockages are commonly formed in water pipelines due to various factors such as chemical corrosion, biofilm accumulation, and sediment deposition. Existence of blockages in water pipeline systems may

CFD-aided study on transient wave-blockage interaction in a pressurized fluid pipeline

Blockages are commonly formed in fluid pipelines such as water supply systems, which may greatly affect the internal flow states and conveyance capacities. This paper investigates the transient

State-of-the-art review on the transient flow modeling and utilization for urban water supply system (UWSS) management

In the context of smart city development and rapid urbanization worldwide, urban water supply system (UWSS) has been of vital importance to this process. This paper presents a comprehensive review on



Sensitivity analysis of a transient-based frequency domain method for extended blockage detection in water pipeline systems

AbstractPartial blockages are commonly formed in water supply pipelines due to many factors, such as deposition, biofilm, and corrosion in the natural water supply process, as well as valve throttle

Experimental Study of the Eigenfrequency Shift Mechanism in a Blocked Pipe System

AbstractEigenfrequency shift in a pipe with a blockage is investigated experimentally. The experimental test rig consists of a reservoir-pipe-valve (RPV) system that contains a single partial block...

Transient response analysis for fault detection and pipeline wall condition assessment in field water transmission and distribution pipelines and networks.

Thesis (Ph.D.) -- University of Adelaide, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2008

Water Distribution Losses Caused by Encrustation and Biofouling: Theoretical Study Applied to Walkerton, ON

Encrustation and biofouling causes loss in carrying capacity of water mains and impacts water quality. In this work, the decrease in pipe diameter and increased pipe roughness are computed as a

Discrete Blockage Detection in Pipelines Using the Frequency Response Diagram: Numerical Study

The structure of the expression suggests that the proposed technique can be extended to situations where system parameters may not be known to a high accuracy and also to more complex network scenarios, although future studies may be required to verify these possibilities.

Extended blockage detection in pipelines by using the system frequency response analysis

This paper proposes a technique for the detection of extended blockages in pressurized water pipelines by using the system frequency responses under transient conditions. The impact of extended

Detecting leaks in pressurised pipes by means of transients

Reliable and quick techniques are needed to locate and estimate leaks in pressurised pipe systems in order to reduce water loss as much as possible. The aim of the present paper is to show that the

Piezoelectric wave generation system for condition assessment of field water pipelines

ABSTRACT The condition assessment of pipelines is central to the management of water systems but is only conducted sporadically due to the limited range and practical constraints of current