Transient Dynamical Problem for a Accreted Thermoelastic Parallelepiped


The discrete accretion is often realized in technological processes such as laser surfacing, gas-dynamic deposition, and vapor phase deposition. Mathematical modeling of the deformations and temperature fields arising in these processes allows one to optimize the technological processes and is a topical problem of mechanics of deformable body. In present paper an illustrative example an initial boundaryvalued problem for thermoelastic growing parallelepiped is studied. Full coupling of mechanical and thermal fields as well as relaxing of the heat flux are taken into account. A closed form solution is constructed for a body under “smoothly rigid” heatinsulated fixation conditions for the stationary faces and the growing load-free face. The temperature field on the growing face is analyzed numerically for various accretion scenarios. An analysis of the temperature behavior on the growth boundary shows that, depending on the accretion rate, the boundary can be considered as an isothermal (for high values of the accretion rate) boundary or a boundary with variable effective temperature determined in the process of solving the problem.

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