Transient CENP-E-like kinetochore proteins in plants

  title={Transient CENP-E-like kinetochore proteins in plants},
  author={Rogier ten Hoopen and Thomas Schleker and Renate Manteuffel and Ingo Schubert},
  journal={Chromosome Research},
Derived from candidate sequences of a barley EST database two proteins with homology to the coiled coil region of the human kinetochore protein (KP) CENP-E were generated and classified as centromere protein E-like 1 and 2 (Cpel1 and Cpel2). Specific antibodies produced against recombinant Cpel1 and Cpel2 proteins labeled the centromere on mitotic chromosomes of barley and field bean and recognized specifically proteins from nuclear/chromosomal protein extracts on immunoblots. No function was… CONTINUE READING