Transhumanism: the big fraud-towards digital slavery

  title={Transhumanism: the big fraud-towards digital slavery},
  author={David Salinas Flores},
  journal={International Physical Medicine \& Rehabilitation Journal},
  • D. Flores
  • Published 7 August 2018
  • Political Science
  • International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
The transhumanism is promoted according to the World Transhumanism Association as a philosophy that advocates for the use of technology in order to be able to overcome our biological limitations and to transform human condition.1 This movement is promoted as a benefit to society, as part of the natural evolution of the human being, or an extension of humanization1, and even as a “revolution”2 (Figure 1). 

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Inicialmente, se analiza la concepcion del cuerpo a partir de la teoria transhumanista, con la intencion de mostrar como el cuerpo es el inicio y al mismo tiempo, el centro de la mejora tecnologica

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In this chapter, Ray Kurzweil presents and defends his view that we will reach a technological singularity in the next few decades, which he defines as a “period during which the pace of

The “human GPS” – the 2014 nobel prize in medicine: great scientific fraud?

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to three psychologists, for their discoveries of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain, an “inner GPS” in thebrain.

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The intention of this work shows the areas of opportunity of the technology used by the Internet of Things, which has more and more followers, and being the right environment for innovation in companies and industry.

The brain net: violating the privacy of university students

  • D. Flores
  • Biology
    International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
  • 2018
The Brain net is a means of communication developed in a person who has invasive neurotechnology, nanobots, microchips, or brain implants that allows broadcasting information from the brain and being sending via wifi to cell phones, computers,3 televisions and even to other brains, thus a televisualization of daily life can be performed with the Brain net.

El transhumanismo de Ray Kurzweil. ¿Es la ontología biológica reductible a computación?

Los programas de computacion, ante todo la ingenieria de la vision artificial y la programacion de los sensores somaticos, ya han permitido, y lo haran con mayor perfeccion en el futuro, construir


En el ultimo tiempo existe una gran promocion de la llamada inteligencia artificial hibrida, la fusion de nuestro cerebro con implantes cerebrales. Se afirma que la inteligencia artificial hibrida es