Transglycosylation of Stevioside by Cyclodextrin Glucanotransferases of Various Groups of Microorganisms

  title={Transglycosylation of Stevioside by Cyclodextrin Glucanotransferases of Various Groups of Microorganisms},
  author={V. A. Abelyan and A. M. Balayan and V. T. Ghochikyan and Avetik Markosyan},
  journal={Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology},
Cyclodextrin glucanotransferases (CGTases, EC produced by mesophilic, thermophilic, alkaliphilic, and halophilic bacilli were used for transglycosylating stevioside (in order to remove bitterness and aftertaste), with cyclodextrins (CDs) being used as donors. It was shown that CGTases produced by extremophilic microorganisms are effective biocatalysts. Optimum temperature and pH of these enzymes were 45°C and pH 6.5–7.5, respectively. The optimum stevioside-to-CD ratio and total… CONTINUE READING

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