Transglycosylation activity of endo-beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase from Arthrobacter protophormiae.

  title={Transglycosylation activity of endo-beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase from Arthrobacter protophormiae.},
  author={Kaoru Takegawa and Shotaro Yamaguchi and Akiko Kondo and Hiroyuki Iwamoto and Masamitsu Nakoshi and I. Kato and Shojiro Iwahara},
  journal={Biochemistry international},
  volume={24 5},
Endo-beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase from Arthrobacter protophormiae has transglycosylation activity. Treatment of (Man)6(GlcNAc)2Asn with the enzyme in the presence of free N-acetylglucosamine gave a mixture of (Man)6GlcNAc and (Man)6GlcNAc beta 1----4GlcNAc mixture. N-Acetylglucosamine at the reducing end of the latter sugar chain was found by HPLC of the carbohydrate composition and of an exoglycosidase digest of the pyridylamino derivative of the reducing-end residue, and by 400 MHz 1H-NMR… CONTINUE READING