Transgenic grain legumes obtained by in planta electroporation-mediated gene transfer.

  title={Transgenic grain legumes obtained by in planta electroporation-mediated gene transfer.},
  author={Gangamma M. Chowrira and Vani Akella and Peter Fuerst and Paul F. Lurquin},
  journal={Molecular biotechnology},
  volume={5 2},
Electroporation-mediated gene transfer into intact plant tissues was demonstrated in pea, cowpea, lentil, and soybean plants. Transient expression of a chimeric gus reporter gene was used to monitor the uptake and expression of the introduced DNA in electroporated nodal axillary buds in vivo. The branches that grew out of the nodal meristems were chimeric and expressed the introduced gene up to 20 d after electroporation. Transgenic R1 pea, lentil, and cowpea plants were recovered from seeds… CONTINUE READING

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