Transgenic Mice with a Reduced Core Body Temperature Have an Increased Life Span

  title={Transgenic Mice with a Reduced Core Body Temperature Have an Increased Life Span},
  author={B. Conti and M. S{\'a}nchez-Alavez and R. Winsky-Sommerer and M. C. Morale and J. Lucero and S. Brownell and V. Fabre and S. Huitr{\'o}n-Res{\'e}ndiz and S. Henriksen and E. Zorrilla and L. de Lecea and T. B{\'a}rtfai},
  pages={825 - 828}
  • B. Conti, M. Sánchez-Alavez, +9 authors T. Bártfai
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Reduction of core body temperature has been proposed to contribute to the increased life span and the antiaging effects conferred by calorie restriction (CR). Validation of this hypothesis has been difficult in homeotherms, primarily due to a lack of experimental models. We report that transgenic mice engineered to overexpress the uncoupling protein 2 in hypocretin neurons (Hcrt-UCP2) have elevated hypothalamic temperature. The effects of local temperature elevation on the central thermostat… CONTINUE READING
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