Transfusion-related leukocytosis in critically ill patients.

  title={Transfusion-related leukocytosis in critically ill patients.},
  author={Gabriel Izbicki and Bernard Rudensky and Mira Na'amad and Chaim Hershko and Michael Huerta and Moshe Hersch},
  journal={Critical care medicine},
  volume={32 2},
OBJECTIVE We observed that many critically ill patients developed leukocytosis following blood transfusions. To validate this observation and to explore a possible mechanism, a prospective study was designed. DESIGN Prospective, non-interventional study. SETTING Surgical/medical intensive care unit in a university-affiliated community hospital. PATIENTS Consecutive patients who required packed red blood cells transfusion. INTERVENTIONS White blood cell count (mean +/- SD) x 10(9)/L… CONTINUE READING


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