Transforming the preparation of physics graduate teaching assistants: Curriculum development

  title={Transforming the preparation of physics graduate teaching assistants: Curriculum development},
  author={Emily Alicea-Mu{\~n}oz and Carol Subi{\~n}o Sullivan and Michael F. Schatz},
  journal={Physical Review Physics Education Research},
Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) are key partners in the education of undergraduates. Given the potentially large impact GTAs can have on undergraduate student learning, it is important to provide them with appropriate preparation for teaching. But GTAs are students themselves, and not all of them desire to pursue an academic career. Fully integrating GTA preparation into the professional development of graduate students lowers the barrier to engagement so that all graduate students may… 

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Based on the findings of this study, future TA training sessions should be designed to explicitly focus on both representational strategies and the specialized content knowledge required to successfully implement the strategies.


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