Transforming the (tourism) world for good and (re)generating the potential ‘new normal’

  title={Transforming the (tourism) world for good and (re)generating the potential ‘new normal’},
  author={Irena Ateljevi{\'c}},
  journal={Tourism Geographies},
  pages={467 - 475}
Abstract With or without the global COVID-19 pandemic to promote and envision a meaningful and positive transformation of the planet in general, and tourism specifically, a wake-up call is long overdue. The 300-years old industrial and modern paradigm of ruthless and selfish exploitation of natural resources has separated us from nature and ultimately ourselves to such an extent that the crises of our economic, political, environmental, social and healthcare systems do not come at any surprise… 
Socialising tourism after COVID-19: reclaiming tourism as a social force?
Purpose: This article considers the possibilities of and barriers to socialising tourism after the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Such an approach allows us to transform tourism and
Neoliberalism, Covid-19 and hope for transformation in tourism: the case of Malaysia
This study investigates the transformative agenda of the policy to explore and understand the dynamics at play in calls for transformation and (re)creation of tourism strategies in developing economies through the lens of neoliberal globalization.
A mindful shift: an opportunity for mindfulness-driven tourism in a post-pandemic world
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Abstract The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact is predicted to be long-lasting with intergenerational impacts for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. Indigenous peoples offer untapped potential for
The New Responsible Tourism Paradigm: The UNWTO’s Discourse Following the Spread of COVID-19
The UNWTO’s discourse has focused on managing the effects of COVID-19 on tourism mobility since the outbreak was taken over by the WHO, as tourism is prominent amongst the hardest hit sectors.
Crisis? How small tourism businesses talk about COVID-19 and business change in the UK
ABSTRACT There has been much speculation about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism sector. Common narratives have variously depicted an unprecedented crisis, a time of opportunity for
Restoring the balance between humanity and nature through tourism entrepreneurship: a conceptual framework
PurposeFor years, there has been an appalling crisis developing – that of the state of our planet. Humanity has become disconnected from nature, with devastating consequences. We are in an emergency
Theorising tourism in crisis: Writing and relating in place
A sympathetic critiques of tourism’s future is outlined, integrating insights from more-than-human theory, disaster studies and climate change adaptation literatures, from the east coast of Australia, where an otherwise steady-growth tourism economy has experienced profound disruption in 2020.
“Post-viral tourism’s antagonistic tourist imaginaries”
Purpose This paper aims to examine the antagonistic coexistence of different tourism imaginaries in global post-viral social landscapes. Such antagonisms may be resolved at the expense of the ethics
Transformative perspectives of tourism: dialogical perceptiveness
  • D. Chhabra
  • Philosophy
    Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing
  • 2021
ABSTRACT This introductory paper offers an overview of transformational paths suggested by the contributors of this issue and the recent work of other scholars. Going forward, by drawing on the


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Abstract In this paper I engage with a broad range of literature that provides evidence of an emerging and significant paradigm shift in human evolution as we face an increasingly distressed and
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This chapter has teased out the questions of transformative role of travel that are increasingly rising in the tourism studies literature. Through a comprehensive literature review we have juxtaposed
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In this paper I engage with a broad range of literature that provides evidence of an emerging and significant paradigm shift in human evolution as we face an increasingly distressed and unsustainable
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The idea of meaning-making as embedded in the experience economy 3.0 implies that greater consumption does not lead to greater contentment, and thus, products that have the capacity to meaningfully
Transformative tourism organizations and glocalization
Travel and Transformation
Contents: Prelude: flensed, Janice Baker Exploring travel and transformation, Garth Lean, Russell Staiff and Emma Waterton. Part I Transformation Speculations: Lifestyle travel, tropophila and