Transforming potential of the insulin receptor substrate 1.

  title={Transforming potential of the insulin receptor substrate 1.},
  author={Chiara D'Ambrosio and Susanna R Keller and Andrea Morrione and Gustav E. Lienhard and Renato Baserga and Eva Surmacz},
  journal={Cell growth & differentiation : the molecular biology journal of the American Association for Cancer Research},
  volume={6 5},
The role of the insulin receptor substrate 1 (IRS-1) in cellular transformation was studied in R- cells, which are 3T3-like fibroblasts derived from mouse embryos with a targeted disruption of the insulin-like growth factor I receptor gene. These cells cannot be transformed by oncogenes that readily transform cells originating from wild-type littermate embryos (or other 3T3-like cells). In the present study, we demonstrate that in R- cells, the overexpression of the functional IRS-1 protein was… CONTINUE READING