Transforming YAWL workflow to BPEL skeleton


Nowadays, a business process is presented widely in form of BPEL in order to illustrate the interaction of web services. Unfortunately, some complex business processes are not completely implemented by BPEL due to the limitation of the language. An alternative language called YAWL is lately created to support the complex patterns of business processes/workflows and to provide the well-form structural checking scheme of the patterns. However, BPEL is still famous, standardized and supported in the modeling tools. In this research, a YAWL-to-BPEL transforming procedure is proposed to encourage the alternative of using YAWL as a initial modeling language. The YAWL process/workflow patterns will be transformed into a meta-model using control flow graph. The Fold function is invoked to perform the iterative checking on both the well-structured and non well-structured process/workflow patterns. The corresponding BPEL skeleton will be finally generated.

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