Transformative Learning: Theory to Practice.

  title={Transformative Learning: Theory to Practice.},
  author={Jack D. Mezirow},
  journal={New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education},
  • J. Mezirow
  • Published 1 June 1997
  • Psychology
  • New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education
Critical and autonomous thinking must take precedence over the uncritical assimilation of knowledge. Transformative learning is a route to the development of critical thinking. 

Interpretive and Critical Evaluation.

Seeing knowledge about teaching as communicative and emancipatory as well as instrumental leads us to consider the evaluation of teaching as interpretive in nature.

Facilitating a Transformative Learning Environment: A Case Study of Its Use in a Graduate-Level Psychology Course

This chapter will describe the principles and practices of transformative learning that have been applied to a graduate-level

Teaching for Transformation

Cranton provides a brief synopsis of transformative learning theory, seven facets of the transformative learning process, and teaching strategies designed to promote each of these facets.

Curriculum change as transformational learning

Through an evaluation of an institution-wide curriculum change process, this paper analyses how strategic policy is variously enacted in departmental communities. Linguistic ethnography of public, ...

Applying Transformative Learning Theory to Open Education

Open Educational Resources present a paradigmatic shift in the textbook market, particularly in higher education. Currently, Rogers' diffusion of innovation theory is the model largely utilized to

Overview of transformative learning I: theory and its evolution

ABSTRACT This paper introduces ways that transformative learning is defined, conceptualized, practiced, and researched. Although such viewpoints share much in common, they differ based on context,

Fostering Transformative Learning Through Dialogical Writing

This article analyzes the need for engaging students in dialogical discourses, as a shared attitude, with transformative learning theory. The relationship between dialogue and learning is a

A metamorphosis of thought: Parent education based on transformative learning theory in a Title I -funded middle school

of a dissertation Submitted to the Graduate Studies Office Of the University of Southern Mississippi in partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Decoding Ourselves: An Inquiry into Faculty Learning about Reciprocity in Service-Learning.

Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, TransCanada Collaborative Research Program on Learning Innovations

Campus Community Integration on a Mission: Transformative Learning for Social Change

Originality/value Integrating curricular and cocurricular experiences on college campuses can lead to significant student learning outcomes and experiences.



Transformative Dimensions of Adult Learning

1. Making Meaning: The Dynamics of Learning. 2. Meaning Perspectives: How We Understand Experience. 3. Intentional Learning: A Process of Problem Solving. 4. Making Meaning Through Reflection. 5.

Contemporary Paradigms of Learning

The Western rational tradition, a set of assumptions upon which our major concepts of reality, learning, and education is based, constitutes an objectivist paradigm of learning. These assumptions are

Theory of Communicative Action

In a preferred embodiment an apex seal for a rotary combustion engine is disclosed having a hollow, thin wall, tubular, metal core member embedded in an extruded composite metal-carbon matrix. The

Key Competencies in On the Job Training

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JACK MEZIROW is emeritus professor of adult education, Teachers College

  • JACK MEZIROW is emeritus professor of adult education, Teachers College

What Work Requires of Schools: A SCANS Report for America

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