Transformation of Rochalimaea quintana, a member of the family Rickettsiaceae.

  title={Transformation of Rochalimaea quintana, a member of the family Rickettsiaceae.},
  author={Dennis K. Reschke and Marvin Frazier and Louis P. Mallavia},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={172 9},
Rochalimaea quintana is the only member of the family Rickettsiaceae that can be grown in vitro. Because of its relationship to the other members of this family, techniques developed to transform R. quintana might be applicable to the obligate intracellular bacteria of the Rickettsiaceae. These procedures are critical to understanding mechanisms of pathogenesis and the nature of obligate intracellular growth. A transformation procedure for R. quintana has been established by using… CONTINUE READING

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