Transformation of Myeloid Cells by the BCR/ABL Oncogene

  title={Transformation of Myeloid Cells by the BCR/ABL Oncogene},
  author={J. D. Griffin and Martin Sattler and Naoki Uemura and Kiyoshi Okuda and Ravi Salgia},
BCR/ABL transforms hematopoietic cells in vitro and in vivo and exerts a wide variety of biological effects, including induction of factor-independence, reduction of apoptosis, and altering adhesion of CML cells to marrow stroma. However, at a biochemical level, the mechanisms by which BCR/ABL transforms myeloid cells remain poorly understood. p210BCR/ABL has elevated ABL tyrosine kinase activity, relocates to the cytoskeleton, and phosphorylates many cellular signaling proteins. Recent… CONTINUE READING