Transformation of Mollicutes with single-stranded Tn4001 DNA.


Acholeplasma oculi ISM1499 and Mycoplasma gallisepticum were transformed with single-stranded and double-stranded plasmids containing Tn4001. The transposon mobilized to the chromosome using both single-stranded and double-stranded DNA at the same frequency. M. gallisepticum transformed at a 2 log lower frequency than did A. oculi ISM1499. Restriction enzyme digestion of single-stranded DNA indicated homologous base pairing in the inverted repeat regions, which could account for the transpositional activity of single-stranded DNA.

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@article{Kapke1994TransformationOM, title={Transformation of Mollicutes with single-stranded Tn4001 DNA.}, author={Paul A. Kapke and Kevin L. Knudtson and F. Chris Minion}, journal={Plasmid}, year={1994}, volume={32 1}, pages={85-8} }