Transformation of Escherichia coli with foreign DNA by electroporation.

  title={Transformation of Escherichia coli with foreign DNA by electroporation.},
  author={Seo Young Song and Tong Zhang and Wei Qi and Wen-hua Zhao and Baojie Xu and Jingbao Liu},
  journal={Chinese journal of biotechnology},
  volume={9 3},
Electroporation has been widely applied in molecular biology in recent years. In this study, successful transformation of plasmid DNA and transfection of phage DNA into E. coli were described by using intense electrical field of exponential decay waveform (electroporation) generated by a Gene Pulsar LN-101 (made in Tianjin, Tianjin Institute of Technology and Nankai University). We have obtained 10(9)-10(10) transformants/micrograms with strain DH5 alpha and plasmid pUC18, by a single voltage… CONTINUE READING