Transformation of 3-hydroxy-steroids by Fusarium moniliforme 7alpha-hydroxylase.

  title={Transformation of 3-hydroxy-steroids by Fusarium moniliforme 7alpha-hydroxylase.},
  author={A C Cotillon and Robert Morfin},
  journal={The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology},
  volume={68 5-6},
Transformation of physiologically important 3-hydroxy-steroids by the DHEA-induced 7alpha-hydroxylase of F. moniliforme was investigated. Whereas DHEA was almost totally 7alpha-hydroxylated, PREG, EPIA and ESTR were only partially converted into their 7alpha-hydroxylated derivatives because hydroxylation at other undetermined positions as well as reduction of ketone at C17 or C20 into hydroxyl also occurred. Cholesterol was not transformed by the enzyme. Kinetic parameters of the 7alpha… CONTINUE READING