Transfiguration: a narrative analysis of male‐to‐female transsexual

  title={Transfiguration: a narrative analysis of male‐to‐female transsexual},
  author={Jodi Kaufmann},
  journal={International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education},
  pages={1 - 13}
  • J. Kaufmann
  • Published 1 January 2007
  • Art
  • International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education
In the West, ‘transsexual’ emerged as a narrative position (Prosser, 1998). In order to begin to understand the complex relations between the discursive formation and the dangerous lived experience of male‐to‐female transsexuals, in this narrative analysis, which is a part of a larger study, the author examines how male‐to‐female transsexual is re/produced in narrative. She found that this transsexual narrative was contained within the heteronormative through a heteronarrative structure (Roof… 
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