Transferrin subtypes and spontaneous abortion in a Chinese population.

  title={Transferrin subtypes and spontaneous abortion in a Chinese population.},
  author={N. Banerjee Saha and John S. H. Tay and Belinda Murugasu and H. B. Wong},
  journal={Human heredity},
  volume={40 3},
A series of Chinese newborns of consecutive normal vaginal deliveries were investigated for the distribution of serum transferrin subtypes by polyacrylamide gel iso-electric focusing at pH 3.5-9.5. Newborns whose mothers had a history of previous spontaneous abortion (n = 189) had a significantly higher frequency of the C2 variant and the C2 gene compared to those (n = 864) without a history of spontaneous abortion. There was no significant difference in the frequency of transferrin alleles… CONTINUE READING