Transfer of MicroRNAs by Embryonic Stem Cell Microvesicles

  title={Transfer of MicroRNAs by Embryonic Stem Cell Microvesicles},
  author={Alex Yuan and Erica L. Farber and Ana Lia Rapoport and Desiree Tejada and Roman Deniskin and Novrouz B. Akhmedov and Debora B Farber},
  journal={PLoS ONE},
  pages={269 - 288}
Microvesicles are plasma membrane-derived vesicles released into the extracellular environment by a variety of cell types. Originally characterized from platelets, microvesicles are a normal constituent of human plasma, where they play an important role in maintaining hematostasis. Microvesicles have been shown to transfer proteins and RNA from cell to cell and they are also believed to play a role in intercellular communication. We characterized the RNA and protein content of embryonic stem… CONTINUE READING
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