Transfer of Biological Soil Suppressiveness Against Heterodera schachtii.

  title={Transfer of Biological Soil Suppressiveness Against Heterodera schachtii.},
  author={Andreas Westphal and J{\"o}rn Ole Becker},
  volume={90 4},
ABSTRACT Heterodera schachtii-suppressive soil at a rate of either 1 or 10% (dry wt/wt) transferred suppressiveness against the beet cyst nematode to fumigated field plots when mixed into the upper 10-cm soil layer. Soil suppressiveness was established after 1 month of moist fallow and 77 days of Swiss chard cropping in the 10% transfer treatment and after 230 days in the 1% transfer treatment. The number of infective second-stage juveniles (J2) of H. schachtii, monitored initially at 150… CONTINUE READING

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