Transfer RNA intron processing in the halophilic archaebacteria.

  title={Transfer RNA intron processing in the halophilic archaebacteria.},
  author={Lionel Thompson and L D Brandon and D T Nieuwlandt and Charles J. Daniels},
  journal={Canadian journal of microbiology},
  volume={35 1},
An in vitro assay system has been developed for the Halobacterium volcanii tRNA intron endonuclease using in vitro generated precursor RNAs. A partially purified enzyme preparation is capable of precise and accurate excision of the intron from the halobacterial tRNA(Trp) precursor. The cleavage reaction produces products having 5' hydroxyl and 2',3' cyclic phosphate termini. Processing of precursor molecules containing deletions within the exon regions indicates that the halobacterial… CONTINUE READING
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