Transfer Matrix Method to Study Electromagnetic Showers


Transfer matrix method gives information about underlying dynamics of a multifractal. In the present studies, transfer matrix method is applied to multifractal properties of a cherenkov image from which probablities of electromagnetic components are obtained. Motivation: In last decade there have been many studies on the fractal /multifractal nature of extensive air showers (EAS). Most of such studies have been reported for cosmic ray studies [1,2] and to lesser extent [3,4] in γray astronomy. In cosmic ray studies [1,2] multifractal nature of density fluctuations has been experimentally verified and Lipshitz-Holder exponent distribution of EAS has been found to be sensitive parameter to identify the nature of individual EAS. In γ-ray astronomy, it has been shown that cherenkov images can be characterized using multifractal approach. It has been found that cherenkov arrival time [5] is also multifractal in nature. However, multifractal measures obtained for cherenkov images or cosmic ray densities do not give any information about the underlying dynamics. Earlier Feigenbaum-Jensen-Procaccia (FJP) recognized this problem in chaos theory. This led them to develop a method [6] which connects multifractal measures with underlying dynamics using thermodynamic approach. In this paper we explore the possibility of using FJP method to study electromag-

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