Transducing properties of Drosophila Frizzled proteins.

  title={Transducing properties of Drosophila Frizzled proteins.},
  author={Walter R. Strapps and Andrew Stephen Tomlinson},
  volume={128 23},
In Drosophila, two closely related serpentine receptors, Frizzled (Fz) and D-Frizzled2 (Fz2) are able to act as receptors for the secreted Wnt peptide, Wingless (Wg). In addition to transducing the Wg signal, Fz (but not Fz2) is able to transduce a second, unidentified signal that mediates planar polarity. Much attention has been focused on the structure of the N-termini of the Fz-class receptors and their role in ligand binding. Experiments using techniques of high-level expression have… CONTINUE READING

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