Transdifferentiation as a basis for amphibian limb regeneration.

  title={Transdifferentiation as a basis for amphibian limb regeneration.},
  author={Panagiotis A. Tsonis and Charles H. Washabaugh and Katia Del Rio-Tsonis},
  journal={Seminars in cell biology},
  volume={6 3},
Limb regeneration is a phenomenon occurring only in some urodeles. The process seems to be initiated by the dedifferentiation of the terminally differentiated cells. These cells differentiate, subsequently, to the tissues that comprise the limb, thus reconstructing the pattern of the missing limb part. In this paper we review and present evidence that certain cell types of the limb have the capacity to differentiate to different cell types than their original one by cellular metaplasia. This… CONTINUE READING

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