Transcutaneous monitoring of oxygenation: what is normal?

  title={Transcutaneous monitoring of oxygenation: what is normal?},
  author={Jacqueline Y. Q. Mok and F J Mclaughlin and M. M. Pintar and H Hak and R Amaro-Galvez and Henry Levison},
  journal={The Journal of pediatrics},
  volume={108 3},
We examined 55 infants on 119 occasions, from birth to 6 months, to obtain normal data and to establish guidelines for the management of oxygen-dependent infants with chronic lung disease. Transcutaneous oxygen tension (tcPo2) and saturation (tcSao2) were monitored during four states: awake, feeding, quiet sleep, and active sleep. Lowest values (mean +/- SD) for tcSao2 were recorded in all states during the first week of life: awake 96.2% +/- 2.6%, feeding 91.2% +/- 3.7%, quiet sleep 93.2… CONTINUE READING
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