Transcriptomic and genomic evolution under constant cold in Antarctic notothenioid fish.

  title={Transcriptomic and genomic evolution under constant cold in Antarctic notothenioid fish.},
  author={Zuozhou Chen and C. C. Cheng and Junfang Zhang and Lixue Cao and Lei Chen and Longhai Zhou and Yudong Jin and Hua Ye and Cheng Deng and Zhonghua Dai and Qianghua Xu and Peng Hu and Shouhong Sun and Yu Shen and Liangbiao Chen},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={105 35},
The antifreeze glycoprotein-fortified Antarctic notothenioid fishes comprise the predominant fish suborder in the isolated frigid Southern Ocean. Their ecological success undoubtedly entailed evolutionary acquisition of a full suite of cold-stable functions besides antifreeze protection. Prior studies of adaptive changes in these teleost fishes generally examined a single genotype or phenotype. We report here the genome-wide investigations of transcriptional and genomic changes associated with… CONTINUE READING
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