Transcriptomic “portraits” of canine mammary cancer cell lines with various phenotypes

  title={Transcriptomic “portraits” of canine mammary cancer cell lines with various phenotypes},
  author={Magdalena Kr{\'o}l and Karol M. Pawłowski and Janusz S. Skierski and Pawel Turowski and Alicja Majewska and Joanna Polanska and Maciej Ugorski and Rory E Morty and Tomasz Motyl},
  journal={Journal of Applied Genetics},
In light of the high incidence of mammary cancer in dogs and completion of the canine genome sequencing, the new possibilities of gene profiling by using DNA microarrays give hope to veterinary oncology. The cell lines isolated from mammary tumors are a valuable tool in developing and testing new pathway-specific cancer therapeutics. Differential cytometric… CONTINUE READING