Transcriptome dynamics of a broad host-range cyanophage and its hosts

  title={Transcriptome dynamics of a broad host-range cyanophage and its hosts},
  author={Shany Doron and Ayalla Fedida and Miguel A. Hern{\'a}ndez-Prieto and Gazalah Sabehi and Iris Karunker and Damir Stazic and Roi Feingersch and Claudia Steglich and Matthias E. Futschik and Debbie Lindell and Rotem Sorek},
  journal={The ISME Journal},
Cyanobacteria are highly abundant in the oceans and are constantly exposed to lytic viruses. The T4-like cyanomyoviruses are abundant in the marine environment and have broad host-ranges relative to other cyanophages. It is currently unknown whether broad host-range phages specifically tailor their infection program for each host, or employ the same program irrespective of the host infected. Also unknown is how different hosts respond to infection by the same phage. Here we used microarray and… CONTINUE READING
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