Transcriptome analysis of the Mg2+-responsive PhoP regulator in Yersinia pestis.

  title={Transcriptome analysis of the Mg2+-responsive PhoP regulator in Yersinia pestis.},
  author={Dongsheng Zhou and Yanping Han and Long Qin and Zeliang Chen and Jingfu Qiu and Yajun Song and Bei Li and Jin Wang and Zhaobiao Guo and Zongmin Du and Xiaoyi Wang and Ruifu Yang},
  journal={FEMS microbiology letters},
  volume={250 1},
PhoP was previously shown to be important for Yersinia pestis survival in macrophage and under macrophage-induced stresses. In this work, a phoP disruptant of Y. pestis 201 was generated using the Red cloning procedure. The transcription profile of the wild-type Y. pestis was then compared with that of the phoP mutant under Mg2+-limiting conditions. It was revealed that PhoP/PhoQ governed a wide set of cellular pathways in Y. pestis, especially including the positive regulation of many… CONTINUE READING

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