Transcriptionally Driven DNA Replication Program of the Human Parasite Leishmania major.

  title={Transcriptionally Driven DNA Replication Program of the Human Parasite Leishmania major.},
  author={Rodrigo Lombra{\~n}a and Alba {\'A}lvarez and Jos{\'e} Miguel Fern{\'a}ndez-Justel and Ricardo V. M. Almeida and C{\'e}sar Poza-Carri{\'o}n and F{\'a}bia Gomes and Arturo Calzada and Jose M Requena and Mar{\'i}a G{\'o}mez},
  journal={Cell reports},
  volume={16 6},
Faithful inheritance of eukaryotic genomes requires the orchestrated activation of multiple DNA replication origins (ORIs). Although origin firing is mechanistically conserved, how origins are specified and selected for activation varies across different model systems. Here, we provide a complete analysis of the nucleosomal landscape and replication program of the human parasite Leishmania major, building on a better evolutionary understanding of replication organization in Eukarya. We found… CONTINUE READING
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