Transcriptional response of lymphoblastoid cells to ionizing radiation.

  title={Transcriptional response of lymphoblastoid cells to ionizing radiation.},
  author={K Y Jen and Vivian G. Cheung},
  journal={Genome research},
  volume={13 9},
The effects of ionizing radiation (IR) on the temporal transcriptional response of lymphoblastoid cells were investigated in this study. We used oligonucleotide microarrays to assess mRNA levels of genes in lymphoblastoid cells at various time points within 24 h following gamma-irradiation. We identified 319 and 816 IR-responsive genes following 3 Gy and 10 Gy of IR exposure, respectively, with 126 genes in common between the two doses. A high percentage of IR-responsive genes are involved in… CONTINUE READING