Transcriptional regulation of the human FTZ-F1 gene encoding Ad4BP/SF-1.

  title={Transcriptional regulation of the human FTZ-F1 gene encoding Ad4BP/SF-1.},
  author={Koichi Oba and Toshihiko Yanase and Isao Ichino and Kiminobu Goto and Ryoichi Takayanagi and Hajime Nawata},
  journal={Journal of biochemistry},
  volume={128 3},
Ad4BP, also known as SF-1, is a steroidogenic tissue-specific transcription factor that is also essential for adrenal and gonadal development. Two mechanisms for the transcriptional regulation of the mammalian FTZ-F1 gene encoding Ad4BP in adrenocortical cells have been proposed in the previous studies: the crucial role of a cis-element, an E box for the steroidogenic cell-specific expression of mouse and rat FTZ-F1 genes, and a possible autoregulatory mechanism of the rFTZ-F1 gene by Ad4BP… CONTINUE READING


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