Transcriptional regulation of the human DNA Methyltransferase (dnmt1) gene.

  title={Transcriptional regulation of the human DNA Methyltransferase (dnmt1) gene.},
  author={P Bigey and Shyam Ramchandani and Johanne Theberge and Felipe Rocha Rego Caldeira de Ara{\'u}jo and Moshe Szyf},
  volume={242 1-2},
DNA methylation is an important component of the epigenetic control of genome functions. Understanding the regulation of the DNA Methyltransferase (dnmt1) gene expression is critical for comprehending how DNA methylation is coordinated with other critical biological processes. In this paper, we investigate the transcriptional regulatory region of the human dnmt1 gene using a combination of RACE, RNase protection analysis and CAT assays. We identified one major and three minor transcription… CONTINUE READING

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