Transcriptional regulation of early functions of bacteriophage phi 80.

  title={Transcriptional regulation of early functions of bacteriophage phi 80.},
  author={T Ogawa and Hisao Masukata and Jun-ichi Tomizawa},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={202 3},
To study the expression of early functions of phi 80 phage, various segments from the early region were transcribed with RNA polymerase. Two major transcripts (from promoters PL and PR) whose synthesis was inhibited by the CI protein were identified. Synthesis of the third major transcript (from promoter PRM) was induced by the CI protein. These studies define two operator-promoter regions, OLPL and ORPRPRM. This mode of transcription from the early region is similar to that of phage lambda… CONTINUE READING

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