Transcriptional features of genomic regulatory blocks

  title={Transcriptional features of genomic regulatory blocks},
  author={Altuna Akalin and D. Fredman and Erik Arner and Xianjun Dong and Jan Christian Bryne and Harukazu Suzuki and Carsten O. Daub and Yoshihide Hayashizaki and Boris Lenhard},
  journal={Genome Biology},
  pages={R38 - R38}
Genomic regulatory blocks (GRBs) are chromosomal regions spanned by highly conserved non-coding elements (HCNEs), most of which serve as regulatory inputs of one target gene in the region. The target genes are most often transcription factors involved in embryonic development and differentiation. GRBs often contain extensive gene deserts, as well as additional 'bystander' genes intertwined with HCNEs but whose expression and function are unrelated to those of the target gene. The tight… CONTINUE READING