Transcriptional elongation requires DNA break-induced signalling

  title={Transcriptional elongation requires DNA break-induced signalling},
  author={Heeyoun Bunch and Brian P. Lawney and Yu-Fen Lin and Aroumougame Asaithamby and Ayesha Murshid and Yaoyu E. Wang and Benjamin P. C. Chen and Stuart K. Calderwood},
  booktitle={Nature communications},
We have previously shown that RNA polymerase II (Pol II) pause release and transcriptional elongation involve phosphorylation of the factor TRIM28 by the DNA damage response (DDR) kinases ATM and DNA-PK. Here we report a significant role for DNA breaks and DDR signalling in the mechanisms of transcriptional elongation in stimulus-inducible genes in humans. Our data show the enrichment of TRIM28 and γH2AX on serum-induced genes and the important function of DNA-PK for Pol II pause release and… CONTINUE READING