Transcriptional elongation of c-myb is regulated by NF-kappaB (p50/RelB).

  title={Transcriptional elongation of c-myb is regulated by NF-kappaB (p50/RelB).},
  author={Modem Suhasini and Renate B Pilz},
  volume={18 51},
High levels of c-myb expression are necessary for the proliferation of hematopoietic precursor cells whereas down-regulation of c-myb is required for terminal differentiation; this down-regulation occurs through a conditional block to transcriptional elongation in intron I. We previously observed that cAMP analogs prevented the late down-regulation of c-myb during hexamethylene bisacetamide (HMBA)-induced differentiation of murine erythroleukemia (MEL) cells and blocked differentiation; this… CONTINUE READING
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