Transcriptional control of early tract formation in the embryonic chick midbrain.

  title={Transcriptional control of early tract formation in the embryonic chick midbrain.},
  author={Frank Richard Schubert and Andrew G. S. Lumsden},
  volume={132 8},
The earliest step in establishing the complex neuronal networks in the vertebrate brain is the formation of a scaffold of axon tracts. How the formation of the early axon scaffold is controlled at the molecular level is unclear. Forming part of the scaffold, neurons located at the ventral midbrain-forebrain border (MFB) give rise to the medial longitudinal fascicle (mlf) and the posterior commissure (pc). We demonstrate that the homeobox genes Sax1, Six3, Emx2 and Pax6 are expressed in distinct… CONTINUE READING


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S. C. Chapman, F. R. Schubert, G. C. Schoenwolf, A. Lumsden

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