Transcriptional control of Bacillus subtilis hemN and hemZ.

  title={Transcriptional control of Bacillus subtilis hemN and hemZ.},
  author={Georg Homuth and Alexandra Rompf and Wolfgang Schumann and Dieter Jahn},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={181 19},
Previous characterization of Bacillus subtilis hemN, encoding a protein involved in oxygen-independent coproporphyrinogen III decarboxylation, indicated the presence of a second hemN-like gene (B. Hippler, G. Homuth, T. Hoffmann, C. Hungerer, W. Schumann, and D. Jahn, J. Bacteriol. 179:7181-7185, 1997). The corresponding hemZ gene was found to be split into the two potential open reading frames yhaV and yhaW by a sequencing error of the genome sequencing project. The hemZ gene, encoding a 501… CONTINUE READING


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