Transcriptional analysis of multigene family 110 of African swine fever virus.

  title={Transcriptional analysis of multigene family 110 of African swine fever virus.},
  author={Felizidad Almazan and J. M{\'e}ndez Rodr{\'i}guez and Germ{\'a}n Andr{\'e}s and Roxanna P{\'e}rez and E. Vinuela and Jos{\'e} Francisco Rodr{\'i}guez},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={66 11},
A transcriptional analysis of the 3.2-kb region of the African swine fever virus genome containing the five members of the multigene family 110 is presented. The mRNAs corresponding to the genes studied have short leader sequences with no intervening AUG codons before the translational start site, and their 3' ends map within a conserved sequence motif formed by a stretch of seven or more consecutive thymidylate residues. The possible role of this sequence as a signal for the 3'-end formation… CONTINUE READING
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